single.php Progress (part II) – DCL libraries

Following the last article on recent progress in BennuGD, today we’ll talk about a new feature available: DCLs (Data Code Libraries).

These are like dcbs that you can reuse between programs. Imagine you want to compile Splinter’s key_event library. You’d do it as follows:

bgdc --libmode key_event.lib

That will give you a key_event.dcl file that you can later use in your projects or share with others.

To compile your code against some DCL, you’d then just do:

bgdc -L key_event.dcl yourcode.prg

The system has one limitation, though. DCL’s don’t export constants or #defines, so you’ll have to include a header file with those.

You can read SplinterGU’s announcement (which provides pretty much the same info, and includes the header for the DCL that you can use) here.

Happy coding!

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