single.php Second article on BennuGD in the TodoLinux magazine

After last month’s article, the Spanish TodoLinux magazine has published the second part on Oscar Torrent Artero’s (Osk -as known in the forums- for short) Bennu introductory article. TodoLinux is a magazine about Linux and Free/Open Source Software in general that is sold nationwide in Spain.
His article has been published in this month’s TodoLinux edition (number 111) and is already available for you to buy. If you don’t live in Spain, you can get a PDF copy of the edition in their online shop.
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This second part -apart from talking about a few non-Bennu related but still interesting to read FOSS articles- includes all the code & explanations needed in order to create a simple game where you must move a ship with your keyboard out of a labyrinth, all in about 100 lines of code.
The article also explains what variables are, how to parse the keyboard input, how to put graphics on-screen, and in general gives quite a helpful insight of how your code will work.
It is definitely a very interesting read if you’re thinking of starting coding for Bennu.

So, big thanks to Osk and happy coding!