single.php Transdiv donates a Dingoo, we all get a port!

Forum user Transdiv has decided to donate his Dingoo A320 console to our coding master Splinter so we could all get a great port for this excellent ┬ÁC/OS-II based platform.

A few days ago, Splinter got it and now he’s getting his hands dirty in order to have an official port to this platform up and running as soon as possible. People who own one talk wonders about this powerful machine and seem to be very happy with it. You can read a very extensive review of the system here.

Click on “Read More” for a few more details and a photo of the unpackaging taken by his now-happier owner, Splinter.

The platform itself is based on a MIPS chipset (a CPU BennuGD has never run on before) and the port will probably target the Dingux firmware which is itself a version of Linux for the console that can be dual-booted along the stock system.

Below you can see the packaging and the console itself, photo courtesy of Splinter:

We’ll keep you updated on news about this port.

Happy coding!