single.php We need YOU!

We really want to publicize BennuGD, so someone in the forums suggested doing what the guys from Blender do: eat our own dogfood.
We’re going to take BennuGD and create the best game we can, and we’ll make it run on all the platforms BennuGD supports (Linux, Windows & the Wiz) and we’re going to make our best to bring it to as many of those not officially supported (MacOS X, FreeBSD, Haiku, Wii, PSP, GP2X, Pandora…) platforms as possible. And we need your help! The idea is still in its initial planning stages, so we need any and all the help we can get: ideas, music, graphics, coders… everything is welcome.

If you feel you can help, please head to the forums and explain how you can make the project greater than it is (don’t be afraid to post there even if the main thread language is Spanish, you’ll be more than welcome).
If you feel you cannot make a great technical contribution, you can also be very helpful by spreading the word. Send this notice to any of the sites you usually read with the buttons below or copy this entry to your own blog (we’re CC, baby!).

So, more than ever, happy coding!