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BennuGD is an open source project licensed under the terms of the Zlib license. Please be sure to understant the license if you’re going to make changes to the BennuGD source.
You may find older versions here

For info on how to install BennuGD, visit the Setting up Bennu page on the official documentation wiki.

Source SVN repository:
This is the BennuGD source code and is not really useful to you unless you’re trying to hack Bennu.

Unsupported downloads
The community ports are not officially supported but links are provided nonetheless for completeness and to make it easy for you to find them, in case you need them. (Even if they’re not really supported, feel free to ask questions about them in the forums but if we can’t help you… don’t blame us ;-).

Getting Started
If you don’t know where to start from, you can read:

Third-Party (but useful) downloads

  • Bennu Pack. A very complete collection of add-ons and tools related to Bennu for Windows.
  • Bennu3D A very complete 3D subsystem for Bennu based on the very fast Irrlicht Engine.
  • Mod_vlc: libVLC based module that allows any video format supported by VLC to be played simply and natively inside your games. It works in Windows, Linux & Mac.

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