1. What is Bennu?

    Bennu is a scripting language aimed at making games. It is designed as an easy tool you can use to develop games with, providing easy solutions for sound and graphic operations. While not as easy as Game Maker, it is also not as limiting as Game Maker. With Bennu, you decide what game you make.

  2. Where can I download Bennu?

    You can get it from the link on the left that says “Download”. You might find archived versions for Bennu packages here, but using the Download page is usually easier.

  3. How do I install Bennu?

    On Windows, you should just double-click the installer and then choose the installation path. In Windows Vista, or Windows 7, you might want to start the program by right-clicking on it and selecting “Run as Administrator” from the menu. You might also want to install the BennuPack, that installs an IDE based on Notepad++ and some of the most used BennuGD modules. On Windows, you might want to follow the instructions found in the wiki.

  4. Who made Bennu?

    Bennu is a Fenix fork, and is largely based on it. The source code has been largely reworked by SplinterGU and all the officially supported ports are maintained by him.

  5. Why use Bennu and not other languages? / Why is Bennu better than other languages?

    Bennu makes it easy to focus on what you want to do and not in how you want to do it.

  6. Do I have to pay to use it?

    No! If you paid, you’ve been counterfeited. However, if you want to make a donation (be it hardware or money) you are more than welcome to do so. Click on Donations on the menu on the left to know how.

  7. Can I sell my games?

    Sure! You don’t even have to provide the source code for it (although that would be very nice from you!) and, if you want to sell your games you’re free to do it. Come to the forums and tell us, we’ll be happy to know. You don’t need to give Bennu any credit, but you’re encouraged to do so. You may use the following logo (scaled, if you wish) on your loading screen.

  8. Can I make network enabled games?

    Yes! In the downloads section you can find the FSock modules, which adds networking capabilities to Bennu, and comes with an example.

  9. Can I make 3D games?

    Yes! In the downloads section you can find the link to the Bennu3D module, that is based on the Irrlicht engine and replaces the standard Bennu video module.

  10. Why are there libraries (*.so/*.dll files) in many folders? / Why are there so many folders?

    The mod_* files are Bennu modules, contained in one folder. The lib* files are internal libraries that provide the functionality for those mod_* files and are not meant to be used directly. This means you should import only modules and not internal libraries.

  11. What are the programs inside the “bin” folder? What are they used for?

    There should be three executables, named: BGDC, BGDI, and MODDESC. BGDC is the compiler for Bennu code. BGDI is the Bennu interpreter. MODDESC provides details about the modules installed in your system.

  12. Where will my games work?

    Bennu is officially supported in most recent Windows versions, recent 32 bit Linux versions, and the GP2X Wiz console. It runs anywhere SDL & libdl are available.

  13. Is Bennu compatible with Fenix?

    Yes! Bennu is a fork of Fenix, and is completely compatible with it. The main difference is that Bennu sports a modular design, so the user must tell Bennu which parts to load.

  14. Where can I find tutorials?

    You can refer to the Beginner’s tutorial wiki page. If you understand Spanish, you can also see Windgate’s excellent tutorial.

  15. Where can I ask for help?

    The official forums are a great place to get in touch with other Bennu users and developers. You can ask in any language you can speak and we’ll do our best to help you there (Google translate included).

  16. Which graphic formats does Bennu understand?

    Bennu can open its own MAP and FPG formats, but also understands the more widespread PNG format. Additionally, in the download section you can find the mod_image unofficial module, which adds support for the most common graphic formats; JPEG, GIF & BMP included.

  17. Which sound formats does Bennu understand?

    The Bennu sound system is based upon SDL_mixer. Sounds are uncompressed WAVs. Songs are more complex formats like XM, S3M, IT, OGG Vorbis, and possibly MIDI.

  18. What is a FPG file?

    FPG files are a special type of files that Bennu uses that make it easy to store multiple Bennu images inside one single file, making it easy to make animations or store related images together.

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